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Allergist, Immunologist in Winter Park and Clermont, FL - Santiago Martinez, MD

Common Plant Allergens

The following trees, flowers, grasses, weeds and cultivated plants can trigger allergic reactions:

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Flowers That Cause Allergies

Dandelion | Ox-Eye Daisy | Sunflower

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Grasses That Cause Allergies

Bahia Grass | Bermuda Grass | Johnson Grass
Kentucky Blue June Grass | Orchard Grass | Reed Canary Grass
Sweet Vernal Grass | Timothy Grass | Velvet Grass

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Cultivated Plants That Cause Allergies

Castor Bean | Red Clover

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Trees That Cause Allergies

Acacia | Alder, Red | Alder, Tag or Smooth | Alder, White
Ash, Arizona | Ash, Green or Red | Ash, White | Aspen
Bayberry or Wax Myrtle | Beech, American | Beefwood or Australian Pine
Birch, Black or Sweet | Birch, Red or River | Birch, White | Box Elder
Cedar, Eastern Red | Cedar, Japanese | Cedar, Mountain | Cedar, Salt or Tamarisk
Cottonwood, Eastern | Cottonwood, Fremont | Cypress, Arizona | Cypress, Bald
Elm, American | Elm, Cedar or Fall Blooming | Elm, Siberian
Eucalyptus | Hackberry
Hickory, Shagbark | Hickory, Shellbark | Hickory, White
Juniper, Oneseed | Juniper, Pinchot | Juniper, Rocky Mountain
Juniper, Utah | Juniper, Western
Locust, Black | Mango
Maple, Coast | Maple, Red | Maple, Soft or Silver | Maple, Sugar or Hard
Melaleuca | Mesquite | Mulberry, Red | Mulberry, White
Oak, Arizona or Gambel | Oak, Black | Oak, Bur
Oak, California Black | Oak, California Live | Oak, California White
Oak, Post | Oak, Red | Oak, Scrub | Oak, Virginia Live
Oak, Water | Oak, Western White | Oak, White
Olive | Olive, Russian | Orange, Blossom
Pecan | Pepper Tree
Pine, Eastern White | Pine, Loblolly | Pine, Longleaf
Pine, Ponderosa | Pine, Slash
Pine, Virginia or Scrub
Pine, Western White | Pine, Yellow
Poplar, White | Privet, Common | Sweet Gum
Sycamore, Eastern or American | Sycamore, Western
Walnut, Black | Walnut, California Black | Walnut, English
Willow, Arroyo | Willow, Black

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Weeds That Cause Allergies

Baccharis | Cocklebur | Dock, Yellow or Curly | Dog Fennel
Firebush or Kochia | Goldenrod | Lambs Quarter
Marsh, Elder Burweed or Giant Poverty Weed | Marsh, Elder True or Rough
Mugwort, Common | Mugwort, Darkleaved or Prairie Sagebrush | Nettle
Pigweed, Rough or Redroot | Pigweed, Spiny | Plantain, English
Ragweed, Desert | Ragweed, False | Ragweed, Giant | Ragweed, Short
Ragweed, Western | Russian Thistle
Sagebrush, Coast | Sagebrush, Common | Sagebrush, Pasture/a>
Sorrel, Sheep or Red | Wingscale | Wormwood, Annual

These PDF articles are reproduced courtesy of Greer

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