Trouble opening the printer-friendly PDF page?

Most pages on the Web are created in HTML format which is fast and easy to open. Some pages are created as PDF format to preserve appearance when printing from any computer. If you are having trouble opening a file, it could be because it is a PDF file and you are missing the required Adobe Reader plug-in software. Most computers are equipped with Adobe Reader, but you might need to download it. You will find it useful for many Web applications and worth the few minutes it takes to download it.

Download Adobe Reader™

free version is available among the options on the page.

If you have Adobe Reader and it is opening a blank or strange page, try hitting Refresh once or twice.

Printing questions?

Once the document is open, you can print it. To print, click on the Adobe toolbar printer icon immediately above the document. The Print option under the File menu might also work, but in some cases not work as well.

Once you see the print dialogue box, you can look for options to print all or portions of the document. Your software may or may not allow you to print only a portion.

Printable Page Troubleshooting for PDF Files